Selasa, 24 April 2012

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris - di Pasar

Apa teman-teman pernah pergi ke pasar? Pasti pernah kan.. Apa pernah tawar menawar dengan penjual dengan Bahasa Inggris? Ah, saya belum yakin tuh. hahahaha. Oleh karena itu, yuk belajar conversation atau percakapan bahasa inggrismengenai tawar-menawar dan hal lain ketika kita ada di pasar berikut ini:
kiki: (to her husband sumar). Why don't we come to the market more often?
Sumar : I don't find it a very enjoyable place.
Kiki : But I do. I want to come here every day.
Sumar : Come here every day, then. Who stops you? You have nothing better to do . . .
kiki : Now, don't shout, dear. I didn't say I will come here every day; I said I want to come here.
Sumar: Let's not argue any more. Let's quickly do the shopping and go home. The children must be getting impatient.

kiki : OK, here's the shopping list. We'll first buy toiletries and groceries and then go to the vegetable stall.

Sumar: That's right. Let's go to the department store next door.
SHOP ASSISTANT : What can I do for you, madam?
kiki : We're new to this store and we don't know where things are. Can you tell us where the groceries are? And the toiletries?

SHOP ASSISTANT : For the groceries turn right, madam, and then walk straight on until you come to the end of the corridor. And for the toiletries, just turn left and you walk right into them.

kiki : Thanks.
Sumar : I want these 15 items. Please make me the bill quickly.
COUNTER CLERK : I'll take only a minute, sir. Here's the bill.
kiki : Most of the vegetables I wanted to buy are stale. Some of them are even rotten. You should've thrown them away.

COUNTER CLERK : Sorry, madam. In fact, yesterday the wholesale market was closed, and so we couldn't bring in fresh supplies.

kiki : But that doesn't mean you should sell rotten vegetables.
COUNTER CLERK : Sorry, madam.
Kiki  : I won't come to this place again.
Sumar : Not until next week! Bye!

Semoga dialog di atas bisa dipahami ya :)


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